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Creative Australian Businesses- A Guide

21 Dec

The Most Creative Business Ideas aren’t always easy to come by. Selling online can be a mighty tough slug. A major contributing factor is the massive hordes of internet marketers competing for the online dollar. The days of simply posting a website with a batch of decent products and cashing in are gone. Yes they are. Sales simply aren’t as easy to come by as they once were. Having said that, let me assure you the well has not dried up. Internet marketing is still alive and healthy. It just means the successful internet marketer must work smarter and be more creative. It is my firm belief that in order to succeed with your online business ideas, you are going to have to be more creative. It’s like the old adage says: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Creativity is an internet marketing essential. Some people are naturally creative while others aren’t. Every internet marketer should make themselves an ardent student of creative online business ideas. I have no doubt that somewhere along the line very soon, someone will launch the next million-dollar idea in internet marketing. It has been that way since the very beginning. Heck, it could be you.

In the meantime, however, there are lots of very creative ways you can begin to market your current products and services in a way that people will buy. I want to take you through a partial list of some of the most creative business ideas that will put you on the road to success. Basically, it boils down to the words you choose in your campaigns that will convince your list to buy and those not on your list to join. Of course the drill is coming up with the most creative business ideas. Let’s look at some.

1) Create A Sense of Value ~ Buyers want value, just as you do. You must convey value in your communications. Often you will see a marketer list every single bonus attached to the main offer and then place a dollar value to each one. At the end, you have a total dollar value figure. This is great strategy because your customer will view your total package as one of immense value, especially when there are valuable rights attached to each product.

2) Create A Sense of Urgency ~ There are many ways of doing this. The favourite ploy seems to be placing a time limit for availability or the current price. I also see many using the “limited supply” strategy. I am not convinced of the merit of that ploy simply because the supply on a digital product never depletes. But, many are using it successfully and that is all that counts. This is what “OTOs” (one time offers) are all about. They buy now at a lower price and with all the bonuses, or never have another opportunity.

3) The No “Fluff Today” Strategy ~ This tells your reader that you are going directly to the nuts and bolts without editorializing. They are going to get only hard, fast points about the product with no pressure to purchase.

4) Create A Comparison Between Products ~ This is where you allow your customer see how your product matches up against all the rest, especially the more popular ones. Your product or service goes toe-to-toe against the best. This demonstrates both value and quality.

5) Create A Dream Come True Feeling ~ This is where you instill the feeling that your product is the means to success and achievement of an unfulfilled dream. This has to be done from a two-fold perspective. You will need to remind the reader of his many failures and the helpless feeling this has created. Then, you turn his attention to the answer ~ your product, and the joy, peace and luxury that will be experienced.

6) Create A Low Ball Strategy ~ This has caught on like wild fire over the past year. This simple, but effective strategy introduces a product or service to the reader at the lowest price possible. The longer he waits to purchase, the higher the price goes. This is especially effective when combined with great copy writing.

Creative Australian Businesses Ideas for Interested Entrepreneurs

21 Dec

Young and interested wannabe entrepreneurs are looking for new creative business ideas to help them create a successful business. There are millions of businesses out there and if you’re planning to start your own, you better come up with something new and unique. Being creative in this competitive market is a must. You can only survive if you are spirited enough to stand out and be different from the rest of your competitors. There’s a huge market out there, that’s true. But the problem is how can you attract all those customers and create a profitable business? New creative business ideas are just around the corner. You only need to be unique and go beyond simple ideas. A lot of people desire to make money from their own homes and look for ways to use their abilities in developing a business with a good earning potential.

For example, in a burger stand business, instead of serving common burgers, you need to come up with something people have not tried before. You need to make calculated risk to be unique and be remembered by your clients, in other words, you have to find your niche. Once you find it then that is the time you can focus on creating ground-breaking ideas for your business to succeed. You need to be creative as far as business branding and marketing is concerned. People are thirsty for fresh ideas and extraordinary things. Creativity makes brands and profiles stand out in the crowd.

Consumers are different today. They not only buy what they need, they patronize things that they can leave without. Businesses nowadays, are not only offering the basic necessities of the consumers. For your business to succeed, you have to make your target market think that they need your products and services. Have you heard about the guy who made money out of video game coaching? How about the website that was created to come up with the best excuses for being absent at work? Yes, these ideas are out of this world. You may even think you don’t need services like these but because of the creative minds behind these businesses, people are using these services. New creative business ideas are essential in developing a successful business. Think out of the box, as they say. Creativity is important in making sure that you are a different and that you stand out above everyone else. There’s nothing wrong with being typical. But if you are talking about making money and establishing a well-recognized brand, you need to have new creative business ideas to be successful.

Elements of Creative Australian Businesses

21 Dec

So what is creativity? Since we can’t develop a skill we can’t define, the following list offers a few common characteristics of businesses that value creativity. Any of these may be adopted and studied by you and your business as a way of working through issues and stimulating growth. Maximizing uses of materials you have at hand – There are no special things to buy. Being creative is applying your natural self to what is around you. Dane Rudhyar said “…to create is only to reveal what essentially is.” Your business need not invest in new equipment or expensive consultations. All that is required is strong dedication to solutions. Superimposing or synthesizing or combining any two or more things in new ways – You have heard it said, there’s nothing new under the sun. Creativity is not so much making something totally new as it is manifesting new uses of things. Noticing – One of the very first practices in strengthening your creativity is sharpening your perceptions. A profound and lifelong effort, this is nonetheless something that will begin to pay off almost immediately. How to become more perceptive? Here’s one way: Regularly place your attention on one of your senses – hearing, looking, smelling, touching, or tasting. Decide which of these to focus on for a day, and continuously remind yourself to ask, what am I hearing/seeing/smelling, etc.? Objectively experience the sensations; this is about noticing, not judging.

The creative business adapts its product regularly in response to consumer needs and wants. It identifies these client preferences by remaining constantly alert to the world around them. Welcoming problems and facing issues squarely – To be creative is to be courageous, to thrive on opportunities for growth. Problems most often indicate that growth is knocking at the door. The creative person or business sees problems as ways to progress. Problems are seen as opportunities in the creative environment, and they are enthusiastically embraced as worthy challenges. When an issue arises, the creative business appreciates the chance to interface its core value with everyday realities, refine its operations, and continuously strengthen its relationship to its market.

Allowing thought – The most unforgiving critic in our life dwells in our own mind. Another early practice in developing creativity is consciously exiling the critic and saying ‘yes’ to your own thinking. Carefully track your mental processes: do you almost never allow your first choice? Do you apply all sorts of derogatory labels to your ideas? While careful choice-making is appropriate in many instances of life, we need not think all impulsive thought is bad. At selected times, it’s healthy to dwell exclusively on impulses, as a way of understanding our core selves and creative potential. In the same way, in business, the full blown brainstorming session in which all ideas from all quarters are equally valid must precede any strategic planning, or else the proverbial Box is never opened and no one dreams of going outside.

Allowing expression – This means being open to the expressions of others to the fullest extent possible. It also means allowing yourself to express. How often do you permit yourself to express with abandon? Such behavior is inappropriate in many instances, but never allowing yourself to completely let it out is unhealthy in the extreme. Whether it be in your business marketing, on the dance floor, or singing in the shower, turning loose your creative expression with a no-holds-barred approach at least once a month will ensure increased mental flexibility and self confidence. Expression is a monster with at least two heads nowadays. On one hand, we are a repressed America, ruled by fads, money, and national paranoia. On the other hand, in the digital age we enjoy a vastly expanded range of vehicles for expression, and we love to utilize them. How best and most effectively to express is a serious issue for any business.

Generosity – So much of creativity has to do with getting over yourself, but that’s another article. For now, suffice it to say that generosity is in the eye of the beholder, while the agent that is being generous has only stayed passionately committed to a creative solution.

Awareness – Akin to Noticing, awareness is noticing on a more general plane, or coming to realizations based on things you have noticed. Awareness is the sum of what you know. The more you know, the more raw material you have with which to create. Social entrepreneurship is probably the best example we have of business awareness, though any business that evidences a care for the common good is practicing awareness and thereby maximizing their creativity.

Openness to the dark side – You’ve known for months there’s a problem, something’s gone awry. But the strength of institutions is such that your business rolls on as if the problem can’t affect it. You’re beginning to think it’s possible to get by on a broken vehicle. And then suddenly everything falls apart, the new widget offered by the competition catches on, and you’re bankrupt. The creative business, as an entity committed to solving problems, knows how to turn adversity to advantage before it defeats them. Cultivating delight – More than just a positive attitude, delight is a more ecstatic appreciation for all the little things. While this may be impossible to achieve in every waking moment (and clearly disingenuous when faked), allowing the little thrills in life to give you momentous pleasure will develop your capacity to identify key opportunities. Next time a passing scene out your car window captures your attention, give it more than a nod! Think about it, draw a little sketch, tell a friend about it or make up a ditty. Let this inspiration enter you and let it delight. Such activity has limitless potential for enlivening your business.

Holism – Creative businesses may be highly focused or specialized, but they maintain a global perspective. They recognize that their work is dependent upon many others, and that many others in turn are dependent on their product. They understand themselves as a link in a complex and never-ending helix. They grow and progress by increasing specialization within a global awareness. Willingness to play – Not many adults are willing to play. Ever. Isn’t this strange? We play with such unselfconscious dedication when young, and then simply never go back there after we’re 20 or so. Aren’t you impressed whenever you see an adult who can truly play with kids? It’s a rare thing. Shouldn’t we grown-ups be humble enough to re-discover the benefits of play? Those who do are that much more liberated as creative beings and successful businesspeople. Very often, their businesses are cutting-edge leaders in their fields.